Mike Lippert

Me (EF): What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

Mike Lippert (ML): Becoming a father far outweighs anything, but that almost goes without saying. It’s a special, ineffable experience. It’s also something the vast majority of people that have ever existed have experienced. So, I’ll say the coolest thing I’ve ever done that is somewhat rare is swimming, at night, in Halong Bay Vietnam on small rock of an island. The thing that threw it over the top was the photoplankton. The sea would illuminate while we moved through it. It was something out of a Disney film. Absolutely surreal.

(EF): What’s your favorite thing to cook?

(ML): Grilled kebabs. Marinated steak and chicken with fresh, grilled peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes. Quite healthy and they taste like summer.

(EF): What’s your favorite activity?

(ML): Playing baseball. I’m pretty bad now-a-days, but it still makes me far too happy.

(EF): What’s your favorite thing to read?

(ML): Non-fiction. Anything relating to behavioral economics, to be more precise.

(EF): If you could be a super hero, what power would you have?

(ML): Mind control. I’d make sucky people less sucky.

(EF): Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been?

(ML): For this answer, I’m going to go with the place that made me think, “HOLY MOLY, THIS IS COOL!!!!” And, that would be Target Field, on Opening Day 2010. I’ve been to quite a few countries, seen a lot of things, but this was the most emotionally involved “cool place” I’ve been. So, it wins.

(EF): You’re a dad now, what’s it like seeing a little version of you in the world?

(ML): Scary. Amazing. It’s the best feeling in the world, but then I worry about the world he’s going to grow up in. Then he throws up on himself and, once again, I am smitten.

(EF): If you won the lottery, what would you buy?

(ML): We’ll say 50,000,000, after taxes. 15,000,000 to an account, never to be touched. That’s conservatively invest. Live off the money it generates.
Pay off all my friend’s student loans, give a bunch of people $9,999/yr for 5-10 years.
Buy my parents whatever they want (new house, new cars, etc)
Buy my brother and his wife whatever they want
$2,000,000 home on a nice lake near Eden Prairie
$3,000,000 home (actually, a couple cabins and a main house on a big lot) in Northern Minnesota
$1,000,000 condo in Minneapolis$150,000 for a couple of cars
Buy a nice plane and learn how to fly it/get my private pilot’s license.
Then, retire to being a professional volunteer. Be the best parent I possible. Generate as much positive change as I could. Travel a bunch. I suppose I’d actually follow through with a couple of ideas I have that I believe would make money. Mainly a couple website ideas that would require > $50,000 start-up capital.

(EF): If you could only listen to 5 songs for the rest of your life, what are they?

(ML): Queen – Somebody to Love, RATM – Bulls on Parade, Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle, Whoomp There It Is – Tag Team, John Fogerty – Centerfield

(EF): What was your last splurge on?

(ML): I bought a can of Full Throttle. The coffee at work is garbage and I need caffeine.

(EF): What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

(ML): Maybe I’m incorrect, but I think I’m pretty transparent. For example, if you and I sat around all day and I told you everything I could possibly think of, you would never be surprised.

(EF): What are things we can do on a daily basis to live a good life?

(ML): Exercise. Do things that aren’t in front of a screen. For the love of baby Jesus, DO NOT CONCERN YOURSELF WITH THINGS OUTSIDE OF YOUR CONTROL.

(EF): What activity makes you most happy?

(ML): Favorite and most happy are pretty darn similar. But, for the heck of it, I’ll say playing pool and having a couple beers with good friends. Simple happiness. (Also, the real answer to this is having my kid look at me and smile, but answering all the questions with, “OMGOSH MY KID IS SO PERFECT AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH” doesn’t make for a good interview.)

(EF): Whose the funniest person in the world?

(ML): Louis CK. Without question.

(EF): Who do you admire most in the area of music?

(ML): I listen to talk radio. I can barely keep a beat. I don’t know anything about music. I pretty much admire anyone that can play any instrument. I believe you play the drums or something, right? [yes] So, you’re included.

(EF): In the area of sports?

(ML): Wes Welker. He’s one of the most productive WR in the NFL. He is 5’9″, 180lbs. Every time a sportscaster talks about something he does, they should stop and say, “AND MY GOD HE IS ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS AND HE CAUGHT A BALL AND ELUDED 11 POLAR BEARS AND DIDN’T DIE!!!!!!!!! IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!!!!”

(EF): What would your last meal be?

(ML): Manny’s porterhouse. Tepanyaki style grilled shrimp. A baked potato with sour cream and chives. 2 bottles of some really smooth Chilean Malbec.

(EF): Where do you want to be right now?

(ML): Outside. On  a simple, 3 hour hike with Molly and the kid and some friends. Somewhere mountainous. We’ll say… Lake Tahoe.

(EF): What would you tell the 18 year old you?

(ML): Aside from who to bet on in a bunch of sporting events… “Learn poker immediately. You will never have an opportunity to > $300/hr for the next 4 years if you start learning right now. Don’t be okay with making $10,000/mo; you can make $50,000/month. Don’t go to college. That can wait. Stop playing poker at the end of 2010. Then go to college. You should easily be a millionaire.” Along with some other specifics.

(EF): If you could give me advice, what would it be?

(ML): Don’t be who you think you should be. Be the best you that you want to be. You’re a flipping awesome person; own it.

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