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Loose Sweaters

I’ve been living in my loose sweaters and tight jeans, and as I look around, seems like I’m not the only one. Since I need to stop myself from spontaneously buying every fall colored, soft, oversized sweater in sight, I thought I would fulfill my need by encouraging my readers to pick up this bad habit too. Then you can be boss (and shopping-budget-less) like me!

My top choices:

Clockwise from top:

Daydreamer LA Long-Sleeved Tee ($34) – AKA the sweater that started my obsession.

Dazzle Sweater ($40) – Embellishments means you can wear it out places instead of just lounging.

Vince Cashmere Sweater ($320) – I could never afford this, but I would probably live in it’s cuddly wonderfulness.

Beach Cable Pullover ($98) – perfect with black skinny’s and knee high boots now; cold beach days later.


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St Patty’s Day Outfit

Make a statement with a Hometown Heroes Tee

For the trek to the bar bring a Flask

For some extra luck, put on this Gold Twisted Horseshoe Necklace

Keep things festive in a Tutu

Don’t want your trousers falling down. Make sure you clip on your Suspenders

You’ll probably be walking a lot. Skip the heels and lace on  these All Star Core Low Sneakers

Nothing makes green pop like red. Try High Impact Lip Colour

Drink responsibly!

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Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit

1. Top

2. Scent

3. Necklace

4. Shoes

5. Skirt

What’s your favorite valentines day outfit?

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