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Holly Golightly’s Home For Sale

If I won the lotto right now (actually, I think I’d have to win more than once), I’d buy the newly on the market four-story Manhatten townhouse that was home to Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for $5.85 million. Word on the street is that most of the interior of the home was actually taped on a set, not in the real deal, but honestly, this place is better:

The townhouse was bought for $1.88 Million in 2008 by Peter Bacanovic, who you may know as someone who is going to jail for insider trading in the Martha Stewart case. So many fun things to brag about when I live there. I’ve drawn a rough sketch of how I would look after I bought the place:

Soon after I would obviously have to get some sun… and food.

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