Ryan Wilkus

EF (Me): How do you keep an optimistic attitude?

RW (Ryan Wilkus): It sounds cliché, but I try to not let the little things bother me and look at the big picture. I consider myself allergic to stress and therefore try to take a logical approach to managing the important things in my life and the things “I” can control. I am also just giddy about the cool adventures that are in my future.

EF: What activity makes you most happy?

RW: Currently its rock climbing. I never feel more alive like when I am scaring the crap out of myself. Not to mention, I love being outdoors because everything becomes simpler.

EF: Is there something that you thought would make you happy but it didn’t?

RW: Taking chances and putting your self out there is always prone to failure, but its only a failure if you don’t learn anything from it.

EF:How about something you thought would make you upset but actually put you in a better mood?

RW: I am often times a reserved person(recluse at times) but most of the times I decide to socialize it is more fun than I predicted.

EF:What was the happiest moment of your life?

RW: I don’t really have one happiest moment. I try to live day by day and enjoy all of them. But to be honest, this summer has been the best time of my life……..so far.

EF: Who do you most admire for having a positive attitude?

RW: My biggest influence lately is my friend Lizzy because she lives by the seat of her pants and her heart.

EF:Where do you want to be right now?

RW: In the mountains.

EF: If you were going to the electric chair, what would be your final meal?

RW: My fathers homemade pronto pups and a glass of 1919 root beer.

EF: Who do you admire most in the area of music?

RW: Derek Trucks. He is one of the most amazing guitarists.

EF: In the area of design?

RW: Mother nature, Nikola Tesla, Frank Loyd Wright. Too many cool designers to list.

EF: What’s your dream job?

RW: An audio electronics engineer designing any kind of audio equipment. Or a mountaineering guide…….who knows maybe both.

EF: What would you tell the 12-year-old you?

RW: Don’t stop exploring!

EF: If you could give anyone advice, what would it be?

RW: Live the way that makes you the happiest. Then it will be a life not wasted.

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