Tom Buckley

EF (Me): What do you like to do in your spare time Tomas?
TB (T-Bucks): Anything related to music (i.e. playing, listening to, watching live, teaching, reading about, etc.), playing poker, reading about philosophy/religion, being outdoors, challenging myself, and just hanging with people over good beer.
EF: I recently gave up eating gluten, and I know you have a pretty strict diet going on because of allergies right?
TB: I can’t eat whey (the protein in milk), so no dairy products, no eggs, no shell fish, and no nuts except for almonds for some strange reason.  So, I eat a lot of meat, grains, and vegetables.
EF: If you were on death row, what would be your final meal?
TB: Filet minon, which was wrapped in bacon, and mashed potatoes made without milk.
EF: Switching gear back to your passion for music–how many bands are you in at this point?
TB: Four consistant ones.  The rest is freelance work.
EF:  How do you find the motivation to constantly be moving forward as a musician?
TB: A lot of my inspiration comes from external sources, such as musicians that I admire or enjoy listening to.  I also have an idea in my head of what I want to sound like, and until I attain that level of musicianship, I can’t be satisfied.  It’s like I know and can hear what I want to sound like, but it’s just a matter of getting my body to give in to it and be free.  Sometimes this is easier than others to achieve.  It’s never been about wanting to be famous or anything, more just a personal endeavor to live up to my potential and be one with the music (as cheesy as that may sound).  Also, I know that this a very difficult career to succeed at, and so I need to be consistently getting better in order to continue making money.
EF: What are things you have to sacrifice for your passion?
TB: The two main things would be sleep and long-standing relationships with girls.
EF:  What’s your Achilles heel?
TB: Being too hard on myself.
EF:  Can I still be your friend when you make it big?
EF:  What are you listening to most right now?
TB: Kneebody’s newest record called You Can Have Your Moment.
EF:  Who inspires you most in the world of music?
TB: Flying Lotus, Radiohead, Samiyam, Kneebody, John Scofield, Wayne Krantz, Mark Guiliana, Eric Harland, Erykah Badu, MF Doom, Aesop Rock…the list goes on and on.  Really anyone who expresses themselves honestly through music and at the same time makes some sort of product which is intricate/thoughtful but also approachable by just your average listener.
EF: In the art  world?
TB: David Lynch.
EF: In the world of sports:
TB: Roger Federer and Dirk Nowitski.
EF: Any last words of advice?
TB: There is a logical reason for all occurrences in the universe, including people’s actions.  I think that everyone should take this into consideration before passing judgement on somebody/something.  If everyone did this, I feel there would be greater harmony among us.

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