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As I mourned having worn out another iPhone cover today, I reflected on how I’ve owned 5 iPhone’s in my life. Besides an agonizing 6 month stint as an Android user, my whole adult life I’ve relied on Apple for my most trusted electronic. That being said, I don’t get the people who have 300 Apps on their phone–most of which are completely hokey and you never use. Besides the normal apps (I’m assuming everyone now has Angry Birds and Facebook, etc.), Here’s my favorites:

1. Foodspotting: It shows you pictures that people have taken of good food in your area. Craving fajitas? Put it in the search and actually see how this dish looks at a variety of restaurants near you. This is actually pretty genius from an App builders standpoint. You create it, your user generates the  information. BOOM.

2. RedLaser: The scenario being that I’m standing in Target wondering if spending $16 for Finding Nemo on DVD is worth it. I use this to scan the bar code and it tells me, no, it’s not. Go to Best Buy down the street and get it for $14. Now I just need an App that Tasers me whenever I walk into Target.

3. PS Express: I spend so much time on Photoshop at work, why not bring it everywhere with me in miniature form. This is some handy work I can do to my blurry, little phone pictures:

4. Postagram: Now, say I sent these edited pictures to my friend to remember her birthday. She decides she wants to send me a postcard thanking me for coming to her party, but she doesn’t have a stamp! For only $99 she can easily make a postcard with one of these photos and send it from her phone. It will arrive to me in the mail in 7 days. Cool:

5. Happy Hours: Where are you going to Happy Hour after work? With a tool that can tell me all the drink specials around you today (doesn’t work very well in Vero Beach, FL), I can recommend you go to Barrio Tequila Bar for $5 margaritas. Also, Wild Onion has $1 off drinks, but you’ll have to contend with drunk St Thomas folk. There’s no app for that, friend.

6. Pinterest: This doesn’t make me as happy as its desktop counterpart, but it does give me mini eye-gasim when I’m waiting in line at Target to by my Disney movies.

7. WebMD: This is probably just because I can go into hypochondriac mode real quick. Oh, it’s just the flu you say, well it COULD also be…

8. SitOrSquat: Charmin has my favorite bathroom at the Minnesota State Fair, and now their making it easier for me to find a clean bathroom when I need to go. Great for car trips around sketchy parts of Florida

9. UrbanSpoon: This is when I need to find exactly what I’m craving. You can lock in how much you want to pay, what type of cuisine, and/or where you want to go eat. Usually I’ll just leave all my options open, then after an hour of searching I’ll just eat a bag of popcorn and some pickles out of the jar. It also let’s me search for restaurants near me that are gluten friendly, which is nice.

10. Mint: I’ve talked about how much I love Mint the desktop site before, but it’s important to note how wonderful it is to have it with me at all times. I definitely don’t check the desktop site before I go run errands. Then I’m in Target wondering if I’m over budget on my swim suit purchases (I keep a normal budget of 1 swimsuit a month).