What Should Be In A Man’s Bathroom

If you have a girl over to your house, if she likes you, she will look around at the products you have in your bathroom. Even if I don’t particularly like someone, I’ll see what products they have. Between living with men, dating them and being friends with them, I’m now as much of an expert as anyone. Some quick notes, if you have more than 10 products in there, I’m gonna think you’re high maintenance. Please throw away all those crummy cologne samples and that bottle of Axe. On the other hand, if you have only a tube of toothpaste, I’m gonna think you have everything else at the house you share with your wife, and that this is just where you bring your victims before you murder them. Here’s what you should have:

1. Kiehl’s for your face. Unless you have adult acne or something odd, just get a good product like this.

2. A Signature Scent. It’s OK to spend a lot of money on this because you wont be wearing it all the time. You’re also an adult so you wont feel the need to douse yourself with it. Just have one scent that when a girl smells it, she’s instantly reminded of how you smell when she hugs you.

3. The classic day-to day things like deodorant and toothpaste. Deodorant is the only scent you need on you on a daily basis.

4. Bumble and Bumble. Go on their site and find their styling tips for the hair you want, or just get Sumowax.  Their products really just work great.

Done, that’s it. Stop hoarding random stuff you got 5 years ago from Walgreens.

What’s in your man’s bathroom?

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