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I feel like I need to address menswear. This weekend my friend came in to town from Orlando, which was AWESOME, but he wore light blue basketball shorts everywhere – even out to dinner. Now, as a former B.A. ranger that’s now studying to design video games, I’m sure fashion is not on his priority list. Not only that, but he asked me when I started “being such a girl”. I guess back in college I was a lot better at being “one of the guys”.

In case you WANTED to impress the ladies with your style (or at least this lady) – please put away the affliction shirts and stop wearing gym attire to any place where girls might be wearing dresses (especially if your girl is).

Oh, and make sure your jeans fit right. So many guys I see aren’t wearing the right pants. These guys I see invest in nice fitting work pants, but then go out on the weekend wearing ill fitted Levi’s or weird bedazzled jeans that I’m sure you think LOOK expensive.

Here’s some examples of great men’s style:

OK, I guess I’m biased to the colored shirt+v-neck sweaters look.

Some last tips:

1. Don’t worry trying to figure out what’s in style too much. Just figure out what shapes work best with your height and weight.

2. A great pair of well fitted dark jeans works for almost any style. Invest.

3. Stick with straight leg or bootcut

4. Big logos and bedazzling has the same effect on woman as Hummer trucks and monopolizing the conversation.

5. Jeans will stretch a full size after a couple months. Buy smaller rather than larger, or make sure they’re pre-shrunk

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  1. Alexander says:

    Hi, I’m looking for jacket shown in first image, I need some source where I can done it.

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